Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something He Did

One of our trees died. 
I came home one day to You Know Who taking it down before it fell on someone. It's sad because it held up one side of our hammock. 
He decided that he would try to save part of it instead of cutting it all down right now. 
Then he got a bit clever and I came home to this...
They are called tree spirits. We don't actually believe they "do" anything, they're just cool
We have some in the house, we found these in Austria.
So it seems appropriate to us to have one in the yard.
You could say he's setting it free... he said it wasn't easy. This is an oak tree and that = hard wood.
What you can't see is how unbearably hot it was outside. 
I found it pretty amazing. 
We had some friends over Sunday night and waited to see who noticed.
 The young woman who did, was just a bit freaked out... asking if anyone else saw face on the tree.....

His looks change throughout the day. Nope we haven't named him...

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