Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Tuesday

We had a storm last night. In light of all the other storms that hit other areas this one was mild but for me not so much. I am not as bad as the dog who hides under the desk and breathes so heavily he makes the house stink..... but I don't like storms, unless I can crawl in my bed and have covers to throw over my head at every lightening strike. Yes, I know that sounds like the dog but I've managed to keep my breathing fairly normal. 
The kids lost power early in the storm and when it wasn't fixed as they were told it would be, took refuge with us last night.
 Everyone's safe and sound, *sigh*.
Even though the entire bed flooded, my broccoli was the only thing left battered looking. I'll prop it up and it should be fine.
My last surviving zucchini plant is fine along with the three zucchini I hope to harvest tomorrow. They are not as big as they look. Wonky perspective.
My lovely eggplant, the tallest plant in the garden, fared well, which makes me happy, these things are yummy!

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  1. Brinkley and the storms... :) Didn't he used to go for the bathtub? Veggies look funny when they're not in their natural habitat - the basket at the grocery store. ;)

  2. oh wow! I've never seen eggplant on the vine before! love your photos. haha well I'm glad you are all safe and sound (all be it suffocating from dog breath!), we've been keeping up with all the storms from our side of the world.

  3. I'm with you on the storms. I hate them. When I'm at work and it's supposed to storm, everyone knows to check with me because I keep a radar on my phone screen at all times!

  4. I enjoyed stopping by from Pam's blog and love you photos, especially the eggplant. I love eggplant too!

  5. The storm was fun... Micah wont be able to hang out with you because he'll think he should be scared!
    You garden in pretty and yummy! Who knew I would like eggplant!

  6. I love big storms, so long as I can observe them from safe inside my house. I got caught out in one a few weeks ago that was *nasty*. I was in the car on the interstate, on my way home from the commissary, watching all the branches (yes branches) fly through the air like little leaves, and praying that there would be no tornadoes. When I got home, I saw downed branches everywhere, and patches of siding that had been ripped from the apartment complex across the street. It was scary.

    Oops, I rambled a bit. Back on track. Your garden is lovely, I'm so glad it survived your storm with little damage! It's amazing to me that you can coax so many yummy things out of the dirt in your backyard. :)