Friday, August 13, 2010

My Bedroom and Bath

Which I will kindly allow You Know Who to share with me.
I am not sure what the builders were thinking when they placed some of the windows in this house.
Looking through to the bathroom you can see the tub.
Lots of work needs to be done...... 
But as much as I am sharing, I do not have to share a closet anymore. Mine all mine. At this moment all my clothes fit into a four foot wide closet. I might need to make more clothes???
Wait until you see the idea Jess came up with for this space!

We need to GUT the shower. Blech. 

So there it is. My sanctuary within my sanctuary. I've forgotten how to decorate though so this could be interesting. 


  1. I showed sherrill all the pics of the house yesterday it was fun! She had wanted to go see it but I told her it would be better to wait until November since Beaus in it right now! hahaha! I have been asking wally a bunch of questions about tiling too!!

  2. Baaaa! Decorating is like riding a bike... ;-) Your new place is going to be SO cool!

  3. Can I just say....I am in love with your house??