Tuesday, August 24, 2010

That Wallpaper Has Got To Go

 I think this wall paper was as old as the house... which is really unappetizing in a kitchen!

Yes you can be this excited about a full size fridge! You Know Who made jokes about my lack of cooking.... Who would not be motivated by this appliance? Space = organization = happy creating. 
Of course I have yet to prove this theory....
What a huge improvement no wall paper and shiny appliances can make! Of course not everything goes as planned... Both of these appliances had to be replaced! The icemaker went out in the refrigerator and some last minute mind changing had me calling Lowe's for an upgrade on the stove... thank goodness! Have I mentioned I love Lowe's? It's definately a decision that I won't regret!
So much work to be done.....


  1. You're standing in your house! It's so weird to see you there. I love your shiny new appliances =) I miss giant American appliances!

  2. Holy cow, I forgot all about this home improvement blog!!! I totally feel you on the love-of-full-sized-appliances thing. I'm still kind of in awe over all the stuff I can fit in my new fridge. I spent $250 at the commissary last week, and while I was successful in filling my pantry, the fridge and freezer still looked pretty pathetically empty. I love it! And I can actually use my biggest cookie sheet and my turkey roaster in my new oven, it actually takes more than a day to fill up the new dishwasher, AND we have a microwave big enough to roast a turkey in. Seriously, I think it might be bigger than the oven we had in Germany.

    Man, it is good to be back. :)